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Haleys Engineering Services W.L.L
Haleys Engineering Services W.L.L


Haleys Group Middle East’s qualified and internationally experienced engineers certified from

“Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta- Canada"

assesses all safety aspects of the facility design and checks compliance with international standard requirements. The design appraisal is performed through a review of the design documents prepared by the designer or manufacturer, including drawings, calculations notes, specification & functional diagrams, special surveys and more. We are using the industry’s best and premium software to produce models, assembly and drawings. Our results are verified by reliable simulation software.

Our services include but not limited to;
  • Equipment Capacity Verification
  • Prepare Safety Notes
  • Run Finite Element Analysis to Verify the Capacity Calculations
  • Perform Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Produce Detailed Manufacturing Drawings
  • Produce Bill of Materials
  • Assist on Project Management

New Design

Sometimes what the job calls for just can't be purchased--but it can be designed, fabricated and certified. Whether it's a spreader bar, a lifting device, a tool rack, a man-basket, or a jib crane, sometimes the job calls for a custom design. Our team can help define your needs and then create and validate a design to fulfill them. We can produce drawings from which to build the design to specifications and to code, load test, inspect and certify the resulting equipment. We can produce the required documentation on capacity, safe use and maintenance that you will need to use the new design properly.

Whether your custom design sees use in the field, on a third-party site, or only on your own location, having verified capacity ratings, operating and maintenance instructions and a validated design are a necessity. A culture of safety has safe, documented, and maintained equipment at its heart.

Existing Items

You own it, you use it--but you have no documentation--and that's a problem. It happens more often than you think. Lost documents, obliterated manufacturer's marks, bought at auction, fabricated by Joe's Welding the way he's done a hundred of them, got it when we bought out XYZ Corp--all sorts of reasons. But you have been using it, safely, sometimes for years. Then the day comes when some questions come up:

How do we repair it?
How do we maintain it?
What is its maximum safe working load?
What jobs is it useful for?
What jobs should it NEVER be used for?
These are questions that an employer is legally responsible for answering under local or international legislation.
When there is no original manufacturer you can turn to answer these questions and fulfill these legal obligations, we can help. Our engineering team can document your 'mystery' equipment, validate its design, work out safe working capacities, and supply operating and maintenance instructions and certify the equipment as safe to operate.